Our Story

Milly Marie is defined by our classic style and luxurious Peruvian Pima cotton, but the true inspiration lies in the details. Look closely - many Milly Marie pieces have our signature hand-stitched hummingbird. The Hummingbird is our symbol of help & hope, hand-embroidered by local Peruvian women who work passionately to improve their children’s lives. Our partnership with these Peruvian artists helps support their families and boosts the local economy on an individual level. With your support, we are “doing what we can” to improve the lives of these women whose spirits have inspired us so deeply.

Sustainable quality, purpose driven

● 100% of Milly Marie’s embroidery cost is returned to the artist
● Milly Marie pays Peruvian artists a living wage
● Milly Marie is partnered with a sustainable Peruvian clothing manufacturer
● We utilize a small group production strategy benefitting small groups of women
● Our manufacturing partner provides sewing machines to Peruvian artists with an open repayment plan so they have the tools necessary to bring home a living wage
The Legend of the Hummingbird
Once there was a fire in the woodlands
Forcing animals from their homes,
They gathered by this little stream
Feeling helpless and alone.

The smallest was the hummingbird
Who flew up and looked around,
Then filled her beak from the little stream
And was off without a sound.

She dropped the water on the fire
She made trip after trip for more;
As the fire kept moving
Inch by inch across the forest’s floor.

The animals mocked her efforts,
“The flames are big and you are small.”
But the hummingbird kept flying
From the stream to the forest wall.

The animals looked astonished,
“What are you doing?” one began
In a tiny voice she whispered,
“I’m doing what I can”

by Bonnie